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V-business : レゾナント社運営の「セカンドライフ」Oita SIMでヨーロッパのバイオリン奏者がLive開催
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レゾナント社運営の「セカンドライフ」Oita SIMで


バイオリン奏者のLiveがセカンドライフ内の日本SIM(Oita)SIM 内Liveカフェ「エンジェル」でも開催されます。

 N A F T A L I  T O R O K    LIVE  GIGS 2009

セカンドライフアーティスト名:Naftali Torok
リアルでの活動名:Monique Lansdorp String Trio





Titel: Gypsy Fire
7 April - Tuesday:4 pm-5 pm(PDT)  
Elvenshire, The Drunken Drow


Titel: European multi-mix
8 April - Wednesday:6 am- 7 am(PDT) 
Live Inn Kyushu Oita (Japan)
開催場所:Oita SIM LIve Cafe Angel


14 April - Tuesday
noon - 1 pm PDT, AMUA Theatre The Old Bowl
 Poetry readings with Pip Torok
Music by naftaly Torok
(weekly on tuesday)


18 April - Saturday
12.00 am - 1 pm PDT,  Relay for Live
Kennesaw Landar, Kennesaw State University Georgia - Main Island, Kennesaw University 1 (31, 21, 37)
Titel: Gypsy Circus!


Naftali Torok is a violinist with a charismatic stage presence and highly esteemed for her expressivity and fiery improvisations. She reaches the public right in the heart with her personal interpretations and the emotional sound of her wonderful violin. Born in The Netherlands, she was raised with classical music.  During her study musicology at the University and the Conservatory for Classsical Violin, her interest in traditional folk music and world music blossomed into a  professional level. Naftali specialized in the music of Eastern Europe, Greek music & Turkish classical music as well as Jewish and Portuguese music. In RL she is a much sought-after teacher, performer and recording-artist among world music and mainstream pop acts in The Netherlands and has toured extensively throughout Europe.  In RL Naftali is playing in different  national and international ensembles.

Naftali will play  a mix of improvisations based on European TRADITIONAL tunes, JAZZ & modern WORLDMUSIC styles. She will let her violin  "speak" to all of you as much as possible in  your own musical language.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Naftali Torok)